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The Hypno-Band system is a weight loss protocol that uses hypnosis and CBT in order to assist our clients to believe that they have a gastric band making them eat less. This is a form of weight loss hypnotherapy that does not require conventional dieting, food supplements or strange eating rules and instead relies on helping you to think about food differently. We are the only licensed Hypno-Band Newark practitioner and one of only a few in [the Nottinghamshire area.

We use weight loss hypnosis to help harness the power of your imagination with visualisation strategies to assist you to see your stomach getting smaller and feeling full more quickly. As this form of weight loss is entirely natural it does not require you to go under the knife. The virtual gastric band is also much cheaper that then cost of an expensive and potentially dangerous operation.*

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How the Hypnoband Works

Gastric band hypnosis works on two levels. Firstly by using visualisation and suggestion techniques to try and alter subconscious thinking as well as analytical techniques to help you change behaviours. During the process we use mindful eating techniques to help you concentrate on how full your stomach actually is so that you are able to recognise when you are full much more quickly. *

The analytical and therapy parts of the sessions are designed to help you understand if there are any emotional elements to your eating patterns. If we are able to identify the triggers for overeating then it is possible to use therapy to assist you in making positive changes. We know that overeating patterns can usually be triggered by events such as anxiety, upset, boredom and even happiness. When these events first happen food is used as a way of making you feel better and this habit then continues even if the original problem no longer exists.*

Free Gastric Band Hypnosis Consultations

Before we book any client for our weight loss programs we like to have a short discussion with you first. This allows you to ask all the questions you need about hypnosis and helps us identify whether you are a suitable candidate for this therapy.

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Who Should Have the Hypno-Band?

We use the Hypno-band Newark with clients who have a Body Mass Index of over twenty five and who do not have a medical reason for their weight problem. This program is not recommended for clients with eating disorders especially anorexia, bulimia or binge eating disorder.

Do you Offer Guarantees?

No doctor or therapy professional can guarantee a treatment. This means that if you come in for your sessions you will need to commit to making changes to your lifestyle. We can help you with therapy but in order to lose weight it will require you to follow the advice your are given. Failure to do so means that the process will be unlikely to work!

How Many Sessions will I need?

We only conduct Hypno-Band sessions as part of a program. Each program lasts for five sessions which are one hour each. The sessions take place one to two weeks apart. We expect all our clients to commit to finishing all their sessions within ten weeks of the starting date.

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Disclaimer*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

Hypno-band Weight Loss Hypnosis
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Hypno-band Weight Loss Hypnosis
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The world famous Hypno-Band weight loss hypnosis system consisting of help for emotional eating as well as a virtual gastric band operation. Five session program spread over two months.