Stop Binge Eating Hypnosis Download


Stop Binge Eating Hypnosis Download


If you suffer from binge eating disorder then our expertly produced hypnosis audio has been created to help you train your subconscious into altering negative eating patterns. Problems with binge eating are typically created because of excessive dieting, feelings of anxiety, low self-esteem and a need to look perfect. In our stop binge eating hypnosis download we help to address these areas as well as deliver subconscious suggestions for wellness.*

This binge eating audio download allows you to use self-hypnosis to make you feel calmer and more in control. During hypnosis people tend to be more suggestible because they are relaxed which allows any positive suggestions to be absorbed. As you listen to the audio over time these suggestions start to become absorbed allowing subconscious changes to be made to your eating patterns.*

Our Stop Binge Eating Hypnosis Download should be used every day. During the audio you will be given information to help you recognise the triggers which may be contributing to your need to binge. In particular it can help you to understand the emotions behind your need to binge so that you can find alternative ways of reacting. As you become better at understanding these messages you should find it easier to change old negative eating patterns.*

In many cases binge eating is simply a way of dealing with internal emotional conflicts. Instead of tackling the root cause of the issue food becomes a form of comfort and distraction and acts as a short term fix.  Hypnotic relaxation assists in helping the listener to become increasingly aware of the unresolved feelings so that they can be dealt and the overeating controlled. Please note that dieting will only ever increase binge eating and therefore we do not recommend our weight loss audios for this particular issue.

To really benefit from this stop binge eating hypnosis download it should be used daily or when you feel the need to binge. We recommend that this audio is listened to for a minimum of twenty one days. To increase the effect of the audio it can be listened to in conjunction with our overcome anxiety and relaxation downloads.*



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