Boost Confidence mp3 Download


Boost Confidence mp3 Download


Get assistance to increase your confidence and self esteem with our new hypnosis download. This mp3 audio has been designed so that you can practice self hypnosis for confidence in your own home. Self hypnosis is a great way of delivering powerful suggestions into your subconscious mind to help you change the way that you think. Our Boost Confidence mp3 download is filled with subconscious suggestion to help you alter your mindset.*

A lack of self confidence usually starts when you are young and is a reaction to events or incidents where others have made critical comments. These moments lead to self doubt and negative associations which can hold you back. Our aim is to help you overcome these thoughts which are no longer useful so that you can push back boundaries and move forward once more. We know that once you regain a small amount of confidence it will start to grow stronger and stronger so that eventually the old feelings of self doubt or anxiety drift away.*

This boost confidence mp3 download is full of positive suggestions as well as techniques to help you rehearse future scenarios under the safety of hypnosis. The messages which are give in the audio can help to increase your willingness to try new things, create positive thoughts and a new motivation to reach your goals.*

Our boost confidence mp3 download should be used daily for a minimum period of 21 days to see results. Please make sure that you never use this audio whilst you are driving or in any circumstances where you need to be alert.*

Disclaimer* Our mp3 downloads are not a substitute for therapy as they are not tailored to each buyer. This means we cannot guarantee results which may vary from person to person.



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