Fear of Flying Audio Download


Fear of Flying Audio Download


We have created a specialised Fear of Flying audio download to assist you in using self hypnosis to help you feel calmer and more relaxed before a flight. When we start to feel panic we enter into “fight or flight” mode which is our minds way of telling us to get away from a situation which it perceives as dangerous. The problem with flying fears is that the perceived danger is generally totally out of proportion to the reality of the situation. Deep relaxation techniques that you find in hypnosis can assist you in reducing this fear response making you feeling calmer and more relaxed.”

Our Fear of Flying audio download should be listened to every day in the month leading up to a flight. Of course if that is not possible then are likely to still get a benefit from the practice of deep relaxation to calm down your fears. This is because relaxation is the exact opposite of anxiety and stress and can therefore help to dampen down the fear response.

In our Fear of Flying audio download we deliver subconscious suggestions which can be helpful in assisting you to understand where you flying fears originated. In many cases the fear can be caused for a lack of control, claustrophobia, social anxiety or even stress. When you have a better understanding of why you may be experiencing the fear it can be simpler to take back control of the feelings of panic. In addition this mp3 will help to you enter into a very deep state of relaxation which can help to stop your anxiety or significantly reduce the fear response.*

Our Fear of Flying audio download can also be used during the flight to help you remain calm and relaxed. If you also suffer from anxiety we have an Overcome Anxiety mp3 in our online shop which can also assist you. In addition you could use our relaxation mp3 to generate feelings of calm.

Disclaimer* Our mp3 downloads are not a substitute for therapy as they are not tailored to each buyer. This means we cannot guarantee results which may vary from person to person.


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