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Stop Smoking Hypnosis mp3 Download


If you have tried to quit smoking through products such as vaping kits or nicotine replacement therapy then why not try our professionally recorded Stop Smoking mp3 Download. This uses self hypnosis to quit smoking which involves sending suggestions to your subconsicous mind.

Consciously all our clients are aware that smoking is not good for them yet they still continue their bad habit despite knowing that it could eventually kill them. This is generally because firstly they believe that the cigarettes are helpful for a problem such as stress and secondly because the cigarette has become a friend and part of their daily routine. This stop smoking mp3 download is designed to help get you into a deep state of relaxation which can help you to combat stress in a more helpful way. It also delivers subconscious suggestions to boost your willpower and motivation so that you can see yourself successfully stopping.

If you believe that stress or anxiety is behind your habit then we also recommend that you use this audio in conjunction with our anxiety or relaxation audios which can be found in our online store. We also have a positive thinking audio download which can be useful if you want to build your feelings of motivation.

We recommend that our stop smoking mp3 download is listened to every single day for a period of 21 days to get best results. We suggest that as part of your stop smoking program you break the routines that you have built up around your cigarette breaks. This means that if you have a cigarette with your coffee in the morning you no longer do this in the short term as in your mind a cigarette will equal coffee. When you have not smoked for a month you can slowly go back to your old routine but without the cigarettes.*

Disclaimer* Please note that our audios are not tailored to each individual customer which means we are not able to give guarantees as results may vary from person to person.


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