Ultimate Stop Anxiety Program – 5 mp3 Downloads


Ultimate Stop Anxiety Program – 5 Audio Set


Why not purchase our Ultimate Stop Anxiety Program consisting of five mp3 downloads to help you manage your stress. These audio downloads have been designed to assist you with the five most common anxiety related problems.*

Sleep – Many people find that when they are stressed and anxious it can be difficult to get a good nights sleep. Our Sleep Deeply audio can assist you in learning to relax so that your mind can switch off from your worries. Listen to this audio before you go to bed as part of your winding down routine.*

Anxiety  – If you suffer from GAD or find yourself feeling anxious this audio can help you to understand why you may be encountering anxiety and how to reduce the feelings through managing your stress.*

Panic Attacks – When anxiety and stress levels are raised significantly it can lead to panic attacks. Our Ultimate Stop Anxiety Program helps you to manage a panic attack when you feel one coming on and to learn how to control and eventually stop the feelings.*

Relaxation – This audio should be used to manage your general stress levels. If you feel that stress has a negative impact on you listen to this audio daily to manage the problem so it does not have an impact on your well-being.*

Worrying and Negative Thinking – Many people with anxiety have an issue with constant worrying or thinking that something bad is going to happen to them. Listen to this audio to help to reduce feelings worry and increase positive thinking.*

*Please note as each audio is not individually tailored to each listener we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person



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