The Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis Program


The Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis Program


If you are looking for help to take control of your eating then our weight loss self hypnosis download program is the ultimate tool to retrain your subconscious to overcome unhealthy habits. This Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis program consists of four mp3 downloads which are designed to assist you in overcoming some of the biggest downfalls when it comes to overeating. Each audio lasts for approximately 25 to 30 minutes and is designed to use the power of self hypnosis to assist you on your weight loss journey.*

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To begin your program we suggest that you start by listening to our Weight Loss Mindset mp3 download for a week as you start your new healthy eating program. This audio has been created to increase motivation and your willpower so that you stay on track and remain focused on your new goals.

Once you feel that your “head” is the right place then we suggest you move on to our portion control download which teaches you mindful eating techniques. When you begin to eat mindfully it is easier for you to recognise when you are feeling hungry and when you are feeling full. This means that it becomes easier to stop eating leading to less food intake. This is a big positive step for many people as instead of being on a diet they are listening to what their body is telling them.*

Our portion control audio can be used in conjunction with our Stop Food Cravings mp3 download. This audio gives you techniques to increase your willpower around foods which you find difficult to resist. As with any form of self hypnosis for weight loss repeated listening to this audio can assist in building your resistance to these foods.*

Finally our weight loss hypnosis mp3 uses suggestion and visualisation techniques to assist with any comfort eating you may be experiencing. Understanding your eating triggers can help you to replace emotional eating with more positive ways of resolving your underlying problems.

If you would like to try Gastric Band Hypnosis instead you can purchase our full five step program online today in our online store.

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