Flying Without Fear Program

Three Session Program to Treat Anxiety & Fear Related to Flying. Sessions Available Online or Face to Face in Nottinghamshire.

Have you booked a summer holiday that involves flying and now feel petrified about getting on the plane?

Do you spend the weeks in the lead up to a flight living in fear and dread?

Do you only holiday locally and limit your vacation options because of your fear?


Fears and Phobias are Very Treatable!



All of our successful fear of flying therapy clients felt scared about getting into an aircraft at some point. They dreaded the thought of being in an plane because they worried about everything from the crashing to embarrassing themselves in front of other passengers if they had a panic attack.
 Yet there was never a need for their fears to get so out of control when a short therapy program made it possible for them to not only get on their flights but to enjoy it as well! 


Blitz Anxiety

During out first session together we teach you self hypnosis. This is a deep state of calm relaxation. Learning self hypnosis can help you to combat feelings of anxiety and fear.

Root Cause

In session two we explore the reasons for the fear. Often a fear of flying is more closely linked with a worry about control or claustrophobia than aircraft.

Confidence Boost

Finally we work on boosting your confidence and putting into practice the tools & strategies you have learned. You also get a free mp3 to use on the flight.


"Before I started my hypnotherapy treatment I was seriously considering not going on my holiday because of my worries about the flight. Now I am looking forward to getting on the plane and enjoying my holiday."
"I wanted to message to express my gratitude for the therapy I received. I returned form Cyprus yesterday (so 2 flights) and what can I say amazing! I wasn’t nervous, scared, anxious nothing! I just had a rational voice I my head telling me the normal things about a flight rather than my ‘oh my god somethings wrong’ voice. We had a particularly bumpy flight home with the cabin crew having to be seated also and this was for over an hour over the alps, and I was fine, I even felt excited at the take off and landing and just cant believe it."
"Just got back from New York – loved it, was looking forward to getting on the plane at Manchester, all thanks to you. I kept thinking of all the things you said and the whole experience as calm and thoroughly enjoyable. Saw the sites and went up the Empire State Building – I can’t thank you enough, it would have been impossible without your help."