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anxiety hypnosis in newarkHypnotherapy for Anxiety Newark on Trent

If you are suffering from anxiety then you will know how disruptive, frightening and frustrating the condition can be. When you feel anxious you have an impending sense that something will go wrong and that can create, worry, fear and in extreme cases feelings of panic. Our anxiety hypnosis in Newark is designed to help you whether you suffer from anxiety only in certain circumstances such as when you are speaking in public or if you have generalised anxiety disorder where the feeling is there all the time. With our help we can help you to feel calmer and more relaxed so that you can manage the unhelpful feelings. 

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The Different Types of Anxiety

If you were not aware there are actually six different types of anxiety. Our treatment plans will depend on which form of anxiety we need to help you with.  For a simple fear or phobia you may find that you will only need one or two sessions to assist with the problem whilst with OCD or PTSD then you will be working with us for a longer period of time. Feel free to call us to discuss your particular problem for more information.

General Anxiety

When you suffer from Generalised Anxiety Disorder you may be feeling anxiety every single day. This means worrying constantly which can create sleep problems. GAD can be very disruptive and impact your home life, your work and your overall health.

Fears and Phobias

Fears and phobias can range from mild to severe. Usually this kind of anxiety only appears in very specific situations such as seeing a spider or having an injection. Our hypnosis for anxiety in Newark can help with all the common phobias and even the unusual ones such as a fear of clowns or buttons. It is worth stating that when you have increased stress in your life your phobic response also tends to increase.


When you suffer from OCD you will have a compulsion to do a certain behaviour again and again. If you do not do the thing that your mind wants to then your anxiety rises. As most people find that dealing with this anxiety increase too much they will give in to the behaviour and then this cycle repeats itself. Typical OCD problems are a fear of contamination, the need to constantly clean or check things or even repeating unwanted thoughts in your mind.

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Social Anxiety Disorder

This form of anxiety makes you worry about embarrassing yourself or being judged by others. When you suffer from this problem you are unlikely to enjoy parties, speaking in front of others or being anywhere that you are the centre of attention. As people with social anxiety avoid these situations their anxiety about ever encountering these areas rises making the condition worse.

Panic Disorder

Usually by this stage your anxiety will have become too much and be leading to regular panic attacks. When you experience a panic attacks it can feel as if you are dying as your heart will be beating rapidly and you may find it difficult to catch your breath. Many of our clients have called an ambulance when they have these feelings because they are so scared and unaware of what is happening.


Post traumatic stress disorder usually occurs after an extremely traumatic event. The person with the problem will experience flashbacks or nightmares to the incident which can be very disturbing.  Although many people associate this with the military it can also be created by assaults, car crashes or even a severe illness.

Anxiety Symptoms

Here are just a few of the symptoms that you may experience if you suffer from anxiety. Note that many of them are physical feelings and not just psychological.

  • Very Fast Heart Rate
  • Feeling of nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Tense Muscles
  • Headaches
  • Feeling of impending danger
  • Blushing or sweating
  • Breathing difficulties

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Help for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

We use hypnotherapy and NLP as a way of helping our clients regain control over their anxiety. As stress underpins many forms of anxiety we usually spend our first session together identifying areas in your life which could be creating the problem. We usually teach all our clients stress management techniques as part of our anxiety hypnosis in Newark as it can help to dramatically reduce the feelings of worry. Our hypnosis is also incredibly relaxing which means it is a great tool to help you reduce fight or flight feelings.

For clients where the source of their anxiety is not instantly obvious we use analytical hypnosis to trace where possible the underlying cause of the problem. Do not worry if you cannot currently say where the problem may be because under hypnosis it is much simpler to identify because your memory improves and the relaxation helps to bring up the original problem.

We use hypnotherapy for anxiety in Newark for people who need:

  • Stress Management
  • Assistance with Fears and Phobias
  • Problems with Confidence
  • Have difficulty Flying
  • Have problems with Public Speaking
  • Stage Fright
  • Medical Fears
  • Help to Control Panic Attacks
  • OCD
  • Any form of Social Phobia
  • A Fear of Being Sick
  • Problems Driving
  • Arachnophobia

Don’t worry if you can’t see you problem here as it is impossible to name them all. Just give us a call to discuss your particular issues.

Self Hypnosis for Anxiety Download

For clients who attend our sessions you will be given a free self hypnosis for anxiety download as part of your treatment plan. If you are unable to attend sessions at our clinic or would like to try self hypnosis first before consulting a therapist then you can purchase our ultimate stop anxiety download today. This five set audio guides you through session for GAD, Panic, Worrying and Negative Thinking, Insomnia as well as deep relaxation.

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*Please note as this is a form of therapy we are unable to offer any guarantees and results may vary from person to person.

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