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Confidence Hypnosis NewarkConfidence Hypnotherapy Newark on Trent

When people think of a lack of confidence or low self esteem they tend to think of a person who is perhaps a little bit timid or shy. Whilst some people who lack confidence do experience this symptom in many cases the impact of having low confidence is much more problematic than it first appears. If you suffer from a lack of confidence you may have problems with your career choices and promotion prospects. You may have difficulty building relationships with people, experience anxiety, fear or have depression. The thought of grabbing at opportunities that may come your way may seem impossible because you fear leaving your comfort zone. Our Confidence Hypnosis Newark program has been designed to help you to resolve these problems and find ways to take positive steps forward.*

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Here are just some examples of areas where our clients need assistance with confidence.

  • Help with Driving Tests
  • Worry about embarrassing themselves in front of others.
  • General Anxiety
  • Confidence at Work
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Social Phobia
  • Help with interviews
  • Stage Fright
  • Worries about Public Speaking
  • Relationship Confidence
  • Fear of Being Judged

Our Confidence Hypnosis in Newark is used in almost all of our treatments simply because everyone could do with a little extra positive self thought. Boosting confidence for example can help our clients believe they can quit smoking or lose weight. The purpose of our sessions is to instill new belief processes in you so that you can push back your boundaries and achieve their goals.*

Hypnosis to Boost Self Confidence

We know that confidence is simply a state of mind which can be altered. You are not born with a lack of confidence. Just look at a small toddler and you will see they are exploring new things and willing to to attempt new challenges. But as a child grows older they will encounter criticism, embarrassment and negative events which may stop them in their tracks. It only takes one small event or incident to shut down the exploration and willingness to try new things. This creates a new belief in the child that they cannot or shouldn’t do these things and in some cases this thought can persist into adulthood. Our Confidence Hypnosis Newark can help you to challenge this internal belief system so that you can expand your boundaries once more.*

Hypnotherapy for Confidence and Motivation

When we work with our clients using confidence hypnotherapy we run a four session program which has been created to give you strategies for you not only to manage your anxiety but to change your thought processes. We know that negative ways of thinking can be replaced with something that can help you to reach your full potential. During our sessions we use hypnosis, NLP, Mindfulness and Coaching to help you rehearse your new positive behaviours under the safety of hypnosis. This helps your subconscious get used to the idea of trying something outside of your comfort zone.*

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Self Confidence Hypnosis Download

For clients who have difficulty in getting to our clinics or who would like to use self hypnosis for confidence at home then we sell a wide range of audios in our online shop which can help you with everything from public speaking to general confidence.

Self Confidence mp3 DownloadBoost Confidence mp3 Download

Confidence Boosting Treatments

At our hypnosis clinics in Newark on Trent and Nottingham we have specially designed a treatment protocol to assist you in taking the steps you need to be your most confident self. During our sessions we can help to empower you to:

  • Increase confidence and self esteem
  • Get rid of negative states of thinking
  • Let go of worries and what other people are thinking
  • Regain control of your emotions
  • Dissociate yourself from internal negative anxiety.
  • Beat procrastination and increase motivation.*

Hypnosis for Low Self Esteem

We know that a lack of confidence can also be associated with low self-esteem. When you have low-self esteem you may feel that you lack the capabilities to do things well or you feel as if you don’t deserve to have good things happen to you. The truth is that you are able to do most things you set your mind to and you absolutely deserve to be happy, get that job or have a great relationship. Hypnosis, Confidence Coaching and NLP can help you to learn the skills and strategies you need to create success.*

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Disclaimer*Therapy requires input from both the client and the therapist which means we are unable to offer treatment guarantees. Results will vary from person to person.

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