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If you are looking for Hypnotherapy in Newark then our clinic in Farndon Nottinghamshire is ideally located so that you can get expert help from a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

We are the only clinic in the area with a senior qualified hypnotherapist who is also a trained hypnotherapy supervisor and has Harley Street Experience. This means that when you attend our clinic you can be assured that you are getting help from one of the most highly qualified hypnotherapists in the East Midlands.

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Hypnosis when used in therapy sessions can be an incredibly powerful way of making positive changes in your life. Unlike the impression that you may get from the television you are not asleep or under a hypnotherapist’s control whilst in hypnosis.

Instead, hypnosis could be described as a daydream-like state where you know exactly where you are but you have an internal focus and are less distracted by what is going on around you. Whilst you are in this trance like state it is possible to either deliver suggestions for your mind to create change or use analytical hypnosis to understand where an issue may be coming from.

Hypnosis Treatments In Newark

We currently offer a large range of treatments at our clinics in Nottinghamshire. The following are just some of the problems and issues that we work with. If you do not see your particular therapy treatment please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss whether we can help you.

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Each of our programs will be structured differently. For some issues such as simple fears and phobias then we will see you on a session by session basis whilst for other treatments such as weight loss we work on programs.

Typically an average client is with us for somewhere between three to six-session. Our sessions for Hypnotherapy Newark typically last for an hour and expect to see us on a weekly basis whilst we work with you to help overcome your problem.

Unlike the impression that is given on the television or on stage shows our clients never lose control or are made to do something that they do not like.

We make sure that all our clients are well aware of how our hypnosis sessions operate and have the opportunity to ask any questions they want about our treatment plans. Hypnosis is generally a relatively fast form of therapy which can be used to achieve results typically within three to six sessions. It is also a highly popular form of therapy which is used by sports stars, celebrities and even members of the royal family.*

Choosing a Highly Qualified Newark Hypnotherapist

Most of the general public are unaware that hypnosis is the UK is not regulated. This means that there are a significant number of hypnotherapists practicing on the general public who do not have adequate training or qualifications.

It is also not unusual for some hypnotists to have been taught how to work with clients via the internet without ever having worked with a real person.

In addition, many of the profession work on a part-time basis and are probably seeing very few clients each year meaning they lack the experience needed to help the people who pay them for therapy.

At our Newark hypnotherapy clinic, we can assure our clients that our qualifications meet the highest standards in the industry today. That means we are registered with a leading professional body and have significant qualifications. In fact, we are the only hypnotherapist in the Newark on Trent area to be a senior qualified hypnotherapy practitioner for the GHR and a hypnosis supervisor.

Publications and Media

In addition to our qualifications and experience, our expertise also means that some of the country’s leading publications have featured our work. We have contributed to articles in The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily, Pregnancy and Birth magazine and Natural Health Magazine. We have helped the BBC and ITV with research for television programs and appeared on LBC radio.

Martina McKeough The Sun
Martina McKeough Daily Mail
Martina McKeough The Daily mirror

Hypnotherapy Clinic Location in Newark

We are based in the village of Farndon which is only a few miles outside of Newark. There is a regular bus service (the 91) which runs from Newark to Farndon and drops you off almost directly in front of our hypnosis clinic location. We also have ample parking on-site if you wish to drive to us. Many of our clients travel from all over Nottinghamshire to attend our sessions so our clinic covers clients in the following locations:

Winthorpe, Rolleston, Fiskerton, Coddington, Kelham, Upton, Southwell, Balderton, Bleasby, Fernwood, Claypole, Collingham, Long Bennington, Bingham, East Bridgford, Lowdham, Radcliffe on Trent, Cropwell Bishop, Grantham, Lincoln and Mansfield.

Online Hypnotherapy Sessions

For clients who have difficultly getting to our clinics we also offer sessions on Skype and Facetime. This means that you are able to get therapy help without ever leaving your home. All that is required is a good broadband connection and a comfortable place for you to sit without interruptions with your head supported. We conduct Online Hypnosis sessions all over the world! This form of hypnotherapy is approved by all the leading insurers as well as the major professional hypnotherapy bodies.

Corporate Work

In addition to our work as therapists we are happy to work with local companies to increase workplace performance and help with employees well-being. Just some of the areas where we can help include quit smoking sessions, help for stress, motivation and sales work and public speaking and confidence help. Sessions can take place in group sessions or on a one to one basis.

Please contact us for our program details and prices.

Booking Your Hypnosis Sessions

If you would like to arrange Hypnotherapy Newark or would like to talk to a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist then you can arrange to ring us today to book your sessions. We can be reached from Monday to Friday on:

Talk to a Hypnotherapist Today on 01636 650 521

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