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gastric band hypnotherapy in NewarkGastric Band Hypnosis Newark on Trent Nottinghamshire

We currently offer a number of different weight loss treatments at our clinics in Nottinghamshire including Gastric Band Hypnotherapy In Newark. As licensed practitioners of the world famous Hypno-Band system we use a combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Cognitive Behavioural therapy techniques to help change our clients eating patterns. As this system is trademarked and quality controlled  there are only a small number of genuine practitioners in the area. We offer this service in Newark on Trent and West Bridgford in Nottingham.*

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Many people opt to go through invasive and dangerous surgery in order to lose weight but they often do not realise that unless they alter the way that they think about food and change emotional eating patterns these operations often fail. We believe that by altering the way in which your mind thinks it is possible to make changes without the need to go under the knife. Our Gastric Band Hypnosis only uses safe natural methods to help you really listen to what your body is telling you. By understanding when you are hungry and when you are full as well as any emotional eating triggers it is possible to overcome negative eating patterns.*

How does Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Work?

Over the course of five sessions your hypnotherapist will spend time with you analysing your current eating habits and emotions to get a picture of where your problems could lie. Our first session will involve a discussion about everything from anxiety problems to divorces to sleep issues and fears and phobias. Emotional eating underpins many problems we see with overeating. This is because the food is used to comfort you when you are feeling upset, angry or anxious and in most cases you will do this so automatically you will not even notice the pattern. In order to help our clients break this pattern down we will ask you to follow a set of mindful eating guidelines. During our first session we like to undertake the first hypnosis session but if you have a big back story this can be postponed to the second session.

When we conduct sessions two and three we tend to use deeper analytical hypnosis to explore subconscious overeating patterns. Many of our clients consciously are unable to identify where their eating patterns started but under hypnosis in the majority of cases we are able to establish the moment where the problem began. By understanding the reasons and patterns for overeating it becomes easier to put in place strategies to overcome the problem.*

In addition to our analytical work our Gastric Band Hypnotherapy in Newark will also use suggestion hypnosis to help you visualise your stomach reducing in size in preparation for the Virtual Gastric Band Surgery. The Virtual operation typically takes place on session five and you will be guided through a typical gastric band surgery op  under hypnosis. A follow up session will then take place a few weeks later where this virtual band may be tightened or loosened.

We also run conventional weight loss hypnosis sessions if you would prefer an approach that does not involve gastric band hypnosis.

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Virtual Gastric Band Consultations

Before we arrange any appointments for gastric band hypnosis in Newark on Trent we like to spend at least twenty minutes with you discussing your situation and assessing your motivation and suitability. This is because the program does require our clients to follow our instructions and put in some effort. This weight loss hypnosis program can be extremely helpful if you want to lose weight but only if you follow our instructions.*

Who Can Use Gastric Band Hypnosis?

We believe that our Gastric Band Hypnotherapy in Newark is suitable for any client who has a BMI over 25 and who are happy to put some effort into losing weight. We do not recommend the plan for clients who:

  • Have a medical reason for their weight problems.
  • Have a thyroid issue that has not been stabilised by their doctor.
  • Suffer from eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia or binge eating disorder.
  • Have mental health problems other than Generalised Anxiety Disorder or mild Depression

Gastric Band Hypnosis Free Download

All clients who come for weight loss hypnosis at our clinics in Nottinghamshire are given a hypnosis download as part of their program. If you are unable to come to our clinics or use our Skype or Facetime facilities then you can purchase our five set Gastric Band Hypnosis Download program in our online shop. This audio contains five mp3 downloads to assist you on your weight loss journey.*

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How May Sessions Will I need?

The Virtual Gastric Band program takes place over five sessions which take place at least one week apart. Every session will last for approximately one hour. Please note when you start the sessions you will need to make sure that you have the ability to finish the entire program within 10 weeks of starting the process. The process is not designed to be started and stopped with big gaps of time between each session.

Booking Your Program

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Disclaimer*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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Gastric Band Hypnosis is the number one weight loss hypnosis system helping out clients to eat less and feel full more quickly. The program also addresses emotional eating, portion control and mindful eating. For full details of our five session program please give us a call.