Weight Loss Hypnosis in Newark

Weight Loss Hypnosis Newark NottingahmshireWe are just about to enter the Christmas period one of the most self indulgent times of the year. This is a period when people eat and drink too much and any healthy eating regimes tend to be long forgotten as normal routines are totally forgotten about. But on January 1st when its time to make a New Years Resolution loads of people suddenly flock to the internet looking for a solution to get back on track. This is when we are ready and waiting with our Weight Loss Hypnosis In Newark to help you limit the damage.

At our clinics in Nottinghamshire we work with our clients to help them take back control over their unhealthy eating patterns and lose weight naturally and steadily. We never endorse quick faddy diets and we certainly don’t recommend expensive supplements, shakes or slimming brands. Why? Because we know that most of our clients need to get their mindset in the right place first and without that motivation and willpower they will go right back to their unhealthy eating patterns again. So how can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy and Cravings Control

Just about every dieter will tell you that they have experienced a moment when they simply could not resist a certain food. Everyone of those people will have had a different craving whether it was for fast food, cheese, chocolate or bread. No matter how hard they tried to resist they found themselves eating whatever that food was knowing that they were not in the slight bit hungry. This is head hunger rather than physical hunger and it usually associated with using food to make yourself feel better.Worried about money? Then eat some chocolate. Had a disagreement at work? Pop some cheese in your mouth. Feeling stressed? Sugar will perk me up!

Our weight loss hypnosis in Newark is designed to help you identify the triggers for this form of eating so you can take back control. Think about it, the food you ate did not resolve the problem but simply made your forget about whatever was on your mind in the short term. In addition it is possible to associate something that you don’t like with the food stuff that you crave. This helps to put a stop sign in your head so you don’t automatically reach for something your shouldn’t.

Hypnosis and Portion ControlĀ 

Another problem we see time and time again is that our clients simply eat too much. Their portion sizes tend to be double what their body really needs because they are not listening to their body to find out if it is hungry or full. With a little bit of help with hypnosis and mindful eating techniques it is possible to eat less and feel full much more quickly. We even have a special treatment plan called gastric band hypnotherapy which uses suggestion hypnosis to drive home the message subconsciously.

Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Self hypnosis for weight loss can be used to deliver subconscious messages for change via an mp3 audio file daily. These audios are designed to relax your mind completely and give positive suggestions for change. As weight loss hypnotherapy is one of our specialisms we have a big range of weight loss self hypnosis audios available in our online shop. In particular we have audios for sugar addiction, portion control, cravings, emotional eating, binge eating as well as general weight loss. If you buy our Gastric Band self hypnosis download it contains five powerful half hour audios to help you to create change.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Download

Sugar Addiction

If you suffer from regular sugar cravings then you may find that most of the food that you consume is incredibly sweet and unhealthy. That means sweet sugary breakfast cereals, children’s sweets and chocolates as well as fast foods containing high amounts of sugar. We know that our clients experience this problem for a number of reasons including:

  • Using sugar to boost energy levels.
  • Using sugar as an emotional crutch.
  • Linking sugar with love.
  • Simple habit.

Simple sugar cravings can often be eliminated in just a few short sessions and habit reversal techniques.

Booking in For New Year Weight Loss

So if you are looking for weight loss hypnosis in Newark and want to kick start your New Year weight loss regime simply give us a call today for some expert help on 01636 650 521.