Facts About Our Hypnosis Sessions

Where can I find a Hypnotherapist Near me?

There will be plenty of hypnotherapists advertising on websites and directories on the internet. It can be very easy to pick the ver first hypnotherapist that you see however not everything is at it seems. Hypnotherapy is unregulated in the UK which means that anybody can call themselves a hypnotherapist no matter how little training they have had.  Always look for a hypnotherapist who is a member of either the General Hypnotherapy Register or the National Council of Hypnotherapists two of the biggest hypnosis professional bodies in the country.

To increase your chances of getting a really great hypnotherapist look at their qualifications. Are they senior qualified? Are they a hypnotherapy supervisor? Have they got university backed qualifications? Are they registered with the Information Commissioner? If you are looking for hypntherapy in Newark on Trent we have all these and more.

How Long are Hypnotherapy Sessions?

Each therapist is different but our sessions tend to be one hour long unless you are on one of our programs for weight loss, binge eating or addiction where the first session may be extended.

What Does Hypnotherapy Cost?

Our session prices start from £80 per hour however if you are seeing us for one of our programs you will be asked to commit to a certain number of sessions. Our prices reflect our substantial knowledge and experience so you will get what you pay for. We believe we are one of the most highly qualified hypnotherapists in the East Midlands and our work has featured in The National Press.

What Can Hypnotherapy do for me?

Hypnotherapy is traditionally used to help clients overcome obstacles and barriers which are preventing them from living the life that they want. As therapists our job is to help our clients to find a way forward so that they can make positive changes in the way that they think, feel and behave.  We do not offer or sell magic solutions as any form of therapy requires two participants however our testimonials reflect the large number of clients who have seen outstanding results with our help.

Why is Hypnotherapy Effective?

Hypnotherapy works well because it helps to bypass the conscious mind to get to the root cause of a problem. Helping our clients understand why they have problems is a huge part of hypnosis allowing the brain to rationalise and reorganise based on the what it has learned. No other form of therapy is able to do this as quickly and effectively as hypnosis.

Hypnosis How many Sessions?

An average client who sees us is likely to have four sessions of hypnosis. Some people may need less whilst more complex cases will require more sessions. Hypnosis is a relatively quick form of therapy in comparison to others.

Who Can’t Have Hypnotherapy?

Most people are able to be hypnotised but we do make some exceptions. We never see any children under the age of 7 years old. We also are unable to work with people who are suffering from mental illness such as schizophrenia or who feel suicidal. In these cases we would suggest you get the support of your GP.

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Facts and details about hypnotherapy in Newark on Trent Nottinghamshire. What to expect from hypnosis and the number of sessions required.