Find a Hypnotherapist Near Me – Nottinghamshire

Find a Hypnotherapist Near me - NottinghamshireIf you were not aware not all hypnotherapists are equal in fact when you are searching for a specialist in hypnosis you need to be very careful because you may not get what you pay for. In the UK there is no regulation requiring hypnotherapists to have any form of qualification or in fact any form of training before they call themselves a hypnotist. This means that there are plenty of practitioners out there who may have done little or no training. So when you type into Google Find a Hypnotherapist Near me all the search engine is doing is bringing up a long list of people who have set up hypnotherapy websites but it tells you little about the person behind the website. This is why we have created a guide to help the general public find a competent therapist near them who has some training and qualifications. This guide shows you the five questions that you must ask before arranging a hypnotherapy session so that you get a five star rated hypnotherapist.

What are their qualifications?

First and foremost it is essential to check their qualifications. So how long did they study to become a hypnotherapist and did they do this online or attend classroom based training? Many people think that they can skip the basics of training  and head for cheap online courses. Now if you are working in a career where you are conducting therapy on the general public is amazes me that these people believe they can be qualified to do this when all they have done is watch videos on a computer. You certainly wouldn’t want a doctor, plumber or electrician who did not have online training so why choose a therapist who has taken short cuts. Most good  hypnotherapy courses tend to last for around a year and involve training in the classroom.

How long have they been in practice?

As with many professions experience counts. Most hypnotherapists starting out who are members of a professional body are required to have regular supervision for the first two years. During this time a hypnosis supervisor monitors their work and regularly arranges meetings with them to discuss the problems they have encountered. Although a new hypnotherapist with good qualifications is trained they are unlikely to have the skill needed to deal with complex cases in their practice. At Hypnotherapy Newark we are Senior Qualified and also hypnotherapy supervisors. We also train other hypnotherapists which means that we have significant experience. This means that when you see our website when you type in find a hypnotherapist near  me you can be assured that you are getting a therapist with some of the very best skills out there.

Do they Work Part Time?

Another problem with many hypnotherapists is that they only ever work part time. Sometimes seeing as little as one or two clients a week. In fact a study by one of the major hypnotherapy professional bodies showed that only a very few hypnotherapists saw more than 15 people a week. Working part time is not a disadvantage for therapists who may be semi retired but it is a problem if this is all they do following their qualification. In order to become great at working with client problems you need experience and without this knowledge they will get poor results for clients. Hypnotherapy Newark is a full time practice based in Nottinghamshire seeing clients every day in the working week.

Do they have specialist knowledge?

A good hypnotherapist never stops learning which means that the are constantly working on their professional development and attending specialist training for new cutting edge techniques. At our clinics we are advanced stop smoking practitioners, specialists in anxiety and fears and phobias, gastric band hypnotherapy and weight loss experts as well as confidence coaches just to name a few of our areas of expertise. We are also one of the few clinics in the country that specialises in working with cancer patients.

Are they a member of a Professional Body?

Although there is no requirement for a hypnotist to be a member of a professional body it does mean that the therapist with the membership is willing to adhere to certain professional standards and ethics.  Knowing that you are seeing a therapist who is willing to abide by high standards is importants for a clients confidence in their treatment.

Arranging an Appointment

At Hypnotherapy Newark we always talk to our clients first before arranging an appointment with them. So if you have just been on Google and typed in “Find a Hypnotherapist Near me” and discovered our website feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to arrange a free telephone consultation to discuss you issue.