Hypnosis for Drinking in Newark

Hypnosis for Drinking NewarkHypnotherapy for Drinking Newark on Trent

For clients looking for hypnosis for drinking in Newark then we have a number of programs which can be helpful at assisting you to drink less and to beat bad habits. In particular our hypnotherapy for drinking program is used for clients who have problems with binge drinking or feel the need to use alcohol as a tool to dissociate from their worries or stress. If you are drinking in this way it is highly likely that you are using alcohol as a form of escapism rather than seeking help to address the underlying cause of your problem. If you would like therapy for this problem we would ask you to commit to a four session program.*

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How do you Know if you have a drinking problem?

If you are experiencing any of the following then it may be time for you to seek help to either reduce your drinking habit or quit drinking for good:

  • Drinking every evening in order to deal with stress or anxiety
  • Hiding the extent of your drinking from your family and friends
  • Regularly binge drinking
  • Feeling the need to drink when you are on your own.
  • Experiencing mood swings  or depresson when drinking
  • Blacking out and forgetting the night before
  • Spending your life feeling hungover
  • Allowing drink to impact both your work and home life

Get Professional Help With Hypnosis

If you would like Hypnosis for Drinking in Newark then firstly we would arrange our first session to discuss the problems that you would like to tackle. We do not discuss just your problems with drink but also any stresses in your life which could be contributing to the problem. Our hypnosis for alcohol can help you whether you want to make a healthy lifestyle change or if you want to end your relationship with drink in the longer term.*

Our drinking hypnosis program is there to help you to address the underlying problems which are behind the need for your drinking. We can conduct our sessions both at our clinics in Newark on Trent or West Bridgford in Nottingham or online using Skype or Facetime.

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Self Hypnosis for Drinking

All clients who sign up to our four session program will receive a free audio download to assist them with self hypnosis at home. If you are not able to attend our sessions you can purchase our self hypnosis for drinking audio in our online shop.

Drink Less Alcohol mp3self hypnosis for drinking

Alcohol Hypnotherapy Sessions

Each part of the program is designed to help you understand the reasons why you may need to regularly drink and then to address those triggers so that habits can be reversed. Our hypnosis for alcohol sessions incorporate positive suggestion, motivation and willpower boosts as well as analytical hypnosis for change. Our expertise in this area means that we know that many problems associated with drinking start because of problems such as stress and anxiety, lack of confidence or depression. By tackling the underlying cause there is less likely to be a need to drink so you can live a healthier lifestyle.*

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Disclaimer*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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