Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy Newark

Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy NewarkHypnosis  Fear of Flying Newark

If you are interested in Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy Newark then we have a clinic in the area which has helped hundreds of clients conquer their fears and phobias.  We work with you to establish where your problem could have originated from and then assist you to change your current thought patterns to overcome unhelpful negative thoughts. Most fears and phobias tend to involve irrational thought processes and with a little help it is possible to adjust these patterns to help you feel more relaxed and in control.*

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Believe it or not most people who come to our clinics for fear of flying hypnosis actually do not have a problem with flying or aircraft. In fact in most cases the anxious feelings and panic can be created by:

Claustrophobia – If you have a general problem with being in a confined space then an aircraft may seem problematic because of its size making you feel trapped.

Media – Your feeling of fear is totally out of proportion with the real danger. Newspapers report on plane crashes because they are so rare but their sensationalist headlines make them feel as if they are occurring every day.

Anxiety and Stress – If you have high levels of anxiety or stress then these feelings can be transferred to a fear of flying.

Escape Route – Were you ever bullied as a child? Were you placed in a situation where you were trapped and couldn’t get out? If so then when the aircraft doors shut it can remind the subconscious of the problem and make you feel panic that there is no escape.

Social Anxiety – If you have a fear of making a fool of yourself or being judged by others then this fear can transfer to flying. This is because you worry that you will make a fool of yourself in the aircraft and everyone will stare or laugh at your situation.

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Fear of Flying Courses Newark

Our fear of flying courses have been designed to teach your methods to feel calmer and more relaxed without the need for medication or alcohol during the flight. We teach self hypnosis for flying fears so that you can learn ways to relax yourself instantly and stop the feelings of panic. Each of our clients will also receive a fear of flying mp3 download  which they can use in the lead up to their flight and on the aircraft so that they can manage their anxiety levels. Ideally this flying audio download should be listened to for a month before you are due to fly however if you are unable to do this it can still be helpful.*

Fear of Flying mp3 Download

Our fear of flying mp3 download is given for free as part of our courses but if you cannot attend our clinics or would like to try the audio then it is available to buy in our online store today.

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Control Your Fear of Flying

Our Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy in  Newark-on-Trent has helped hundreds of clients to change their unhelpful thinking and behaviors so that they have new positive thought processes and reactions. Many of our clients have gone on to travel the world where previously they would have only taken holidays in the UK or in Europe. The world is your oyster if you choose to get help to overcome your fears.*

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For fear of flying hypnotherapy Newark or help with any other phobia or anxiety simply arrange to call us today for more information.

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Disclaimer*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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