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weight loss hypnotherapy NewarkWeight Loss Hypnosis Newark

Our Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Newark takes a totally different approach to losing weight as we never place our clients on a diet. This is because there is absolutely no diet that we are aware of that works in the long term. Statistics show that a typical dieter will regain all the weight they have lost within 2 to 3 years which means that food deprivation, calorie counting and expensive weight loss plans are generally a waste of money. When we use weight loss hypnosis with our clients we are looking to help them understand the reasons why they are overeating and from our experience this is generally because of either:

  • Habit
  • Emotional Eating
  • Portion Control
  • Food Cravings
  • Lack of Awareness of Healthy Eating*

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Very few clients who currently come to see us lack awareness of what they should be eating so we come across this very rarely but habit and emotional eating is behind over 90% of the problems that we see. In many cases our clients believe they are greedy or have no willpower but in fact their problem is created by emotional eating issues which have become so automatic that it can seem impossible to understand where they were originally created.*

Hypnosis is a fantastic tool for helping you gain an awareness of your underlying triggers or stressors and then helping you to create new subconscious patterns which are more useful. We work with you to create these changes using hypnosis, NLP, Coaching and Mindfulness.*

Weight Loss Treatments in Newark

At our clinics we run two different weight loss programs.

Our Three session weight loss plan is suitable if you have two stone or less to lose and have no issues with anxiety, depression, binge eating or bulimia. Each of the sessions lasts for approximately one hour. We usually agree with our clients a certain level of weight loss that must occur before the next session is booked (usually three to four pounds). This is a great program for helping you build motivation and willpower and to make changes in your eating patterns using mindful eating. This program should not be used if you need help with bigger underlying issues or worries.*

Our Five session weight loss treatment is for clients who have more than two stone to lose and who need some additional therapeutic help. If you are a client who has been battling with your weight since childhood then we would place you on this program. Once again our sessions take one hour and we ask for three to four pounds weight loss before the next session is booked. The sessions can be conducted on Skype and Facetime if you have difficultly reaching our clinic. If you would like we can also incorporate the virtual gastric band/Hypno-band program during the sessions.*

If you have binge eating disorder or bulimia then we place you on a five session program to tackle issues such as stress, self esteem, confidence and perfectionism. Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is not suitable if you have this particular issue.

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What Does our Weight Loss Hypnosis Help With?

Our Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Newark is ideal for clients who need help to break bad eating habits and emotional problems linked to food. We always make it clear that our sessions are not some form of magic wand approach to losing weight. Instead they are a serious therapeutic device to help you understand where you particular problems may lie and then help you to create new ways of responding. Our sessions can be used for:

  • Sugar Addiction
  • Binge Eating
  • Bulimia
  • Portion Control
  • Mindful Eating
  • Food Cravings
  • Comfort Eating
  • Motivation and Willpower
  • Stress Eating
  • Chocolate Addiction*

Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss 

For clients who are unable to have sessions at our clinics we have two great weight loss audio programs which are available to purchase in our online shop.

Weight Loss Programbuy now

Our Ultimate Weight Loss program consists of four audios to help you to change your habits and behaviours.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Downloadbuy now

Our Gastric Band Hypnosis mp3 Downloads has five audios to help you alter bad eating habits. Included in the audios is the virtual gastric band hypnosis operation.

Booking Your Weight Loss Sessions

To arrange your weight loss Hypnotherapy Newark program please give us a call on the following number to book your appointments or to speak to a therapist about our services.

Talk to a Hypnotherapist Today on 01636 650 521

*Disclaimer: Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

Weight Loss hypnotherapy Newark
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