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If you suffer from anxiety and are confused about how to get help for your condition then we have created a short guide for you to read to help you decide what options are available to you. As with any potential medical or pyschological problem it makes sense to get a medical opinion first which will confirm if your problem is actually anxiety. This information is vital as many of the physical symptoms that people suffer when they have anxiety are also similar to actual medical problems. A therapist is unable to make a medical diagnosis but a GP will be able to differentiate and decide whether therapy is relevant to your condition. If you have been given a formal diagnosis then you can begin to look at anxiety treatments in Newark.

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What do Doctors offer as an Anxiety Treatment in Newark?

The NHS usually offers treatments based on a set of clinical guidelines drawn up by the National Centre for Clinical Excellence. The guidelines related to anxiety are very clear. The recommend that in all but the most severe cases doctors should offer some form of pyschological intervention first before deciding to prescribe tablets. Yet if you were to come to any of our clinics in almost all cases most of our clients have been offered medication first. This is most likely because of the limited availability of counselling or therapy slots available under the constrained NHS. If you are having anxiety problems then it is important to look at the options available to you as therapies such as hypnotherapy, CBT and counselling will allow you to manage the problem naturally. In many  cases this may involve going private as in many cases the NHS will be unable to provide timely treatment.

Natural Treatments for Anxiety

The NHS tends to look at CBT as one of the main treatments for anxiety. With this treatment a practitioner is unlikely to look too closely at why you may have the problem but teach you techniques to enable you to control those worries. These strategies may include progressive muscle relaxation, breathing techniques and exercises to help you look at problems in a more rational manner. Although this form of therapy can be useful for many people it does not help a person understand the underlying reasons for their problem. In many cases this is necessary as without addressing the underlying issue the problem will continue.

Counselling is similar to to cognitive behavioural therapy as it gives the opportunity for the person with the problem to talk though the issues with a professional who can help to create a different perspective. Once again this may be helpful for some people but it does not necessarily address the root causes of a problem especially when they are not instantly obvious to either party. This is when  Hypnosis Anxiety Treatments should be considered.

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The Use of Hypnotherapy and Anxiety

Hypnotherapy uses very different methods to other psychological interventions. In many cases it is possible for a hypnotherapist to get the information which can help their clients understand the root causes of their problem in just a few short sessions. In particular the use of analytical or questioning hypnosis whilst a client is in a trance can help bring up memories, thoughts  and feelings which are usually supressed, forgotten or dismissed as having nothing to do with the problem. Like a jigsaw puzzle the practitioner and client start to put the pieces together and get the information which is underlying the problem. Once this information is known it is possible to target therapy directly at the specific issue instead of guessing.*

Also all forms of anxiety make clients feel hypervigilent or on edge. This is because part of the brain is looking out for danger or problems even before anything has happened. Using deep relaxation techniques such as those found in hypnosis enable our clients to switch off this feeling so that they feel calmer and more at ease. To assist our clients practice this at home we give all our clients audio downloads which they can use in the comfort of their own home.  We also sell this Stop Anxiety mp3 download program in our online store. This five set audio program offers help for everything from generalised anxiety and panic attacks to worrying and sleep problems.*

self hypnosis for anxiety downloadsSelf Hypnosis for Anxiety Downloads

Is There more Than One Kind of Anxiety?

There are in fact many different forms of anxiety and each kind needs to be treated slightly differently.

Panic Disorder – This is categorised by a person experiencing regular and frequent panic attacks. As this problem is an extreme form of anxiety the most important factor is teaching our clients to take control of the feelings of panic so that they can control an attack. Just some of the methods we use to do this include relaxation and deep breathing techniques. Once we have the panic attacks under more control then works begins on trying to resolve the problem that is creating them.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – When OCD takes hold it can totally take control of your life. The obsessions or compulsions can involve everything from tidying to hand washing and even negative thoughts. When a person experiences the problem they feel compelled to carry out their ritual otherwise they feel their anxiety will get out of control. Both CBT and Hypnotherapy can be used to help people to prolong the time taken between each ritual. Although their anxiety may rise in short tem generally it will eventually fall showing them that nothing bad will happen if they stop the behaviour. With hypnosis deep self hypnotic relaxation is taught to enable the anxiety peaks to be smaller and more manageable. The aim over time is to reduce the behaviours until they are gone.*

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – This form of anxiety is usually related to a traumatic incident and is categorised by flashbacks to that moment. Hypnotherapy combined with NLP techniques can help this problem as can a form of therapy known as EMDR.*

Phobias – A large proportion of the general public will have a form of phobia. This may be a fear of spiders, flying, being sick or even something unusual such as buttons. Exposure therapy when combined with hypnosis is one of the most popular ways to resolve the problem. Our anxiety programs use this technique regularly to stop the problem. *

Arranging Anxiety Help in Newark

If you would like to get help for anxiety and would like to try a natural treatment then you can contact us today for more information about our anxiety treatments in Newark. Simply use the contact form below or call us to speak to a therapist today.

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*Disclaimer: Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to offer guarantees and results may vary from person to person.

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