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For clients looking for Hypnotherapy Sleaford then we have two clinics which are only a short distance from Lincolnshire. Our nearest clinic is in Farndon Newark on Trent whilst we have another clinic in West Bridgford Nottingham. Both hypnosis clinics offer a full range of treatments to our clients. As one of the premier hypnosis clinics in the UK we offer therapy with a senior qualified clinical hypnotherapist who is considered an expert in her field. Martina Mckeough has featured in some of the major publications in England for her hypnosis work including The Sun, The Daily Mail and The Mirror. She has also consulted with the BBC and ITV on programs involving hypnosis.

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Getting to Our Hypnotherapy Clinic

Our nearest clinic to Sleaford is just over half an hour away by car and can easily be reached using the following route.

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Hypnosis Treatments 

At our clinics we have considerable expertise in dealing with a full range of problems, habits and issues. In particular are most popular hypnotherapy Sleaford treatments include:

Anxiety Help – If you have problems with anxiety or stress or need assistance because of panic attacks then a course of sessions with us can be used to manage the condition. Our anxiety treatments also include expert help for fears and phobias and for sleeping problems such as insomnia. We also help children who suffer from anxiety providing they are over the age of eight years old. As part of our program all clients are given at least one free mp3 download to assist with managing the condition at home. Our full anxiety hypnosis downloads audio program can also be purchased in our online shop.

Anxiety hypnosis Downloads

Weight Loss – Our weight loss hypnotherapy in Sleaford usually involves placing our clients on either a three or a five session weight loss program. Typically clients with under two stone to lose are placed on a three session program whilst those with more to lose will see us for the longer program. Our five session program can also include gastric band hypnotherapy. Our best selling weight loss downloads are available today in our online store.

Confidence Coaching – If you have a long term problem with confidence then our programs are designed to help you overcome negative thoughts and worries so that you can overcome the problem. We also offer short term confidence sessions for clients who need assistance with problems such as exam nerves, driving test fears or speaking in public.

Quit Smoking – Want to stop smoking in Sleaford? Fed up with ruining your health and spending a fortune on cigarettes? Our two session stop smoking program can help to build your motivation and willpower so that you can quit the habit. All smokers get a free stop smoking hypnosis download as part of their program.

Other Treatments

We also offer help for the following:

  • IBS
  • Depression
  • Sleeping problems
  • Jealousy
  • Anger
  • Binge Eating
  • Drinking
  • Addictions
  • OCD
  • Sexual Problems
  • Sugar Addiction
  • Stress Management

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Hypnotherapy in Sleaford Lincolnshire
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Hypnotherapy in Sleaford Lincolnshire
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Get expert hypnotherapy in Sleaford Lincolnshire. Treatments include stop smoking hypnosis, weight loss, gastric band hypnotherapy, confidence coaching and help for anxiety.